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Pseudo Adults is a podcast where we discuss comic movie and TV news, new TV-shows we're watching, the newest comic book related movies, the latest games we're playing and much more 

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About the Cast

We're a mix of writers, musicians, and all around fun group of people that want to share their love of comics, games, TV shows, and cartoons with one another while allowing everyone else to join us by listening in. 

“ I'd jump on that ship. Is that how you say it? Or is it "off that ship"? Is that what shipping is? Am I using that term correctly?”


“I'm just a goofy silly man that makes music occasionally. And I burnt half of my face off which is why half of it is in the shadows.”

Matt W

“My first act as president would be to make all the new Star Wars films not cannon.”


“When I tried to look for it so I could show Matt all I could find was this big lady completely naked tagged Bugs Bunny .”


“I'm the Optimism Corner and I only give you factual facts! It's the facts you know? When Donald Trump says false news, I'm the real news. That's why he doesn't mention me.”


“They're trying to smooch and they don't want us to see it.”


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