Who are the Piccirillo Brothers?

Tony Piccirillo

Favorite Game: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Alex Piccirillo

Favorite Anime: Welcome to the NHK 

How we became writers

After reading so many comics, playing so many games, and watching so many great animated shows from the 90s, Alex and I decided to try making some of our own stuff.

First we started with live action fan films such as our Batman: Within the Shadows of Gotham fan film and follow-up Robin fan film.

We then went on to do animated fan shows such as our Scooby Doo: Ninja Battles fan animations and Alex's Teen Titans fan animated series which would've featured crossovers with The Meddling Kids Scooby Doo animated fan series we had planned. 

After Warner Bros took down the Teen Titans animated fan series on YouTube we cancelled our new Scooby Doo fan series and decided to make our own animated series. Based on some ideas I had in the past, Outlawed Justice was originally written by Alex and I as an animated web series.

That concept has morphed to the Outlawed Justice Season 1 Graphic Novel!  

What do we write?

Comics, cartoons, movies, and even story-lines for video games. 

We've dabbled in all of them!

About Inner Warrior

We decided on the name Inner Warrior because the whole concept of Outlawed Justice is that each of us has a warrior inside that we must rely on as opposed to some external person or force. The people have to rise own their own instead of waiting for a Batman or Superman to save them. 

We hop you enjoy Outlawed Justice as much as we enjoyed creating it! 

Want to know what happens after the gunshot of issue 1? Grab the expanded scene below!