#110 – Every Episode is a Friends Reunion

The Pseudo Adults discuss all the happenings of the past week! First of all, the podcast has turned 3 years old! We had an amazing delicious breakfast and are maybe a tad tipsy on mimosas while recording this one. Alex’s bday also just happened, he has fun stories, and everyone on the podcast went to the aquarium over the weekend! We also hear both sides of the story regarding Tony’s new exercise equipment!

Now if all that does rouse your fancy enough, there are SPOILERY discussions of CRUELLA! Other media items discussed were the FRIENDS reunion, upcoming SONIC games, WARRIOR on HBO Max, and Coco!

The episode wraps up with some Osomatsu episode review and bam, that’s 3 years of shows! Thank you for everyone that’s ever listened to us. I hope that hearing us be our genuine selves while simultaneously struggle to be real adults somehow lets you know that many people are in a similar situation, but as long as we have each other it’s ok! And if you don’t have anyone, please message me at twitter.com/pseudoadults or send an email to pseudoadults@gmail.com!


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