#107 – Peepoodo & The Pseudo Adult Friends!

The PseudoAdults are down to 3 this episode, but they’re making the magic happen! Kyle, Matt, & Alex give their big SPOILER-FILLED review & discussion of THE FALCON & THE WINTER SOLDIER. Alex has discovered an incredible adult-oriented online animated show with the title character of Peepoodo. They watched the 1st episode and another short, and immediately fell in love with it. Matt & Alex give their scoop on playing the brand new RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE!

Shortly into recording of the podcast, we read that there truly is a new DRAGON BALL SUPER film in the works! They share in the excitement and naturally jump into speculation of what could be in store.

This week has a rare absence of both the Optimism Corner & Osomatsu episode reviews & discussion. Instead, they watch Elon Musk’s monologue from last weekend’s SNL and give their immediate reactions/thoughts!

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