#105 – Space Jam? More like SERVER JAM!

The PseudoAdults come at ya with all the good stuff over the last 1-2 weeks! Get ready for a SPOILERY discussion about GODZILLA VS. KONG &  FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER (eps 1-4)! Non-spoilery chat as well about INVINCIBLE. They also discuss the trailers for the new SPACE JAM, as well as BATMAN THE LONG HALLOWEEN.

At the top of the episode get ready to hear Alex tease all the upcoming plans and changes for Space Zambonie! Kyle gives a detailed update on the upcoming Space Zambonie comedy album. Tony informs the group about his new comic book-oriented YouTube series he is doing for Inner Warrior Studios (direct link below!!).

As you’d expect the episode wraps up with some delightful facts of Optimism and perhaps the quickest Osomatsu episode review ever!

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