#101 – The Mattatee Tank

The PseudoAdults discuss all the big happenings over the last few weeks. Alex & Matt made a music video for their newest song, hear all about it! They also give the lowdown on the current and upcoming Space Zambonie projects! Kyle also gives an update on the comedy album including the newest song recorded for it. They then delve into WANDAVISION reviews and discussion (SPOILERS UP TO EPISODE 6!), SONIC 2 movie news and what we want from it, the newly announced VELMA series, and YOUR HONOR (episode 1 spoilers!). Matt informs about a movie trailer he watched called “THE AMAZING BULK”, and how excited he is to watch it (i’m pretty sure by now he’s watched the entire thing).

The show wraps up with a fun Osomatsu-san season 3 episode review and discussion!

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