#93 – THE BOYS Season 2 Pseudoreview + TENET late/early thoughts!

The PseudoAdults reconvene to finally get a big update on themselves, their recent creative projects, and their Halloweens! Then they take a deep SPOILERY dive into season 2 of THE BOYS! After this a plethora of other topics are hit, including some spoiler-free discussion about Mandalorian S2E1, Cobra Kai (some spoilers), BLOOD OF ZEUS (no spoilers). Tony and Rachel managed to see TENET so we hear their spoiler-free early thoughts about this much-awaited film from Christopher Nolan! The show wraps up with fun facts from Rachel’s Optimism Corner and a good ole review of Osomatsu-san S3E2. Like we say throughout this episode, Do your democratic privilege and go vote and be SAFE about it! Much love!

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