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Comic news, movies, fun life stories, and more in this podcast Tony and Alex are featured in!
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The Piccirillo Brothers are the writing duo behind the webtoon Outlawed Justice
Tony Piccirillo
Tony Piccirillo


If my life was a film here’s what the log line would be: ”A dreamer that tries to keep his head down to Earth and away from the clouds embarks on a lifelong journey to fulfill his heart’s desire of sharing empowering character stories like the ones that made him feel like an inner warrior growing up. Though he dreams of writing he’ll face many hardships from the variety of career paths he drifts through in order to stay grounded and make a living - including - being an NYPD Officer in Harlem, a volunteer Firefighter, a Transportation Officer for the Department of Homeland Security, and many more.”

    Alex Piccirillo
    Alex Piccirillo



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