Introduction to Shranks Tips and Tricks

What’s up guys? It’s Alex here from Light Haven City, or what you guys call the “Outlawed Justice” Universe! As a vigilante college student, I thought I had seen it all. Clearly I was wrong, and we’re in some deep trouble. Our Universes have collided, and we need to find the best team to take […]

The Creation of Shranks

Hey everyone! This is Alex Piccirillo. Creator of Shranks, artist for all the cards, and more. Shranks is a game that anyone can play. It’s something that anyone can come across, and play for hours without even realizing. At the same time, it’s a strategy game. You can build your decks, choose your characters, make […]


A civilization long gone, a comet heading for Earth, a multiverse of heroes and villains. This is the story of Shranks. Birth of the Multiverse   65 million years ago a comet hit the Earth. This comet was fueled with all the positive energy of the universe. The force of the comet’s strike caused the […]

Welcome to Inner Warrior

"Escape then Return" is our motto at Inner Warrior. We want the multiverse we're creating to be one you can escape to, but we also want you to return to your own world better off for it. Shranks: The Party Trading Card Game is the first product we've released under our new motto. It's a [...]